Metascience and Decentralized Science

This page is an attempt to map the Metascience and Decentralized Science ecosystem and space. Both fields, overlapping, are rapidly evolving, and this resource will attempt to mirror this. Please email or dm me with missing elements.

Alongside this page, I will publish a newsletter with news, job postings, recent articles and other more fleeting material circulating in the Metascience and DeSci spaces.

This page builds on other resources. UltraRareBio's ongoing mapping of the DeSci space. Vincent Weissers Desci and Metascience resource. Overedge Catalog by Samuel Arbesman. ResearcHubs Desci Ecosystem Overview. Let me know if I missed anyone on this list.

I use Metascience akin to Michael Nielsen and Kanjun Qui's quite broad definition; exploration of new social processes for science. I use DeSci as the space defines it; the use of web3 technologies to develop new infrastructure for next-gen scientific and technological processes.

News, Jobs, Funding & Calls

    Funding & Calls


  • Think Tanks

  • Institutes & DARPA-like organizations

  • Funders & Philantrophy

  • Focused Research Organizations
  • Convergent Research "a new type of nonprofit startup for science." (FRO incubator).
  • E11 Bio "building ambitious new technology for full-stack brain architecture mapping."
  • Cultivarium "creates open-source tools for life scientists to expand access to novel microorganisms."
  • Parallel Squared Technology Institute "accelerating research with high-throughput proteomics and open science."
  • EvE Bio "is on a 5-year mission to create a first draft of a map of the pharmom."
  • LEAN "aim to tackle the challenges of scalability, usability, and proof automation in the Lean proof assistant."
  • Forest Neurotech "developing a minimally invasive ultrasonic whole-brain computer interface."
  • [C]Worthy "building software that supports multi-scale oceanographic modeling and data integration for quantifying the efficacy and ecological impacts of ocean-based CDR."

  • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)
  • Cerebrum DAO funding research to "advance brain health and prevent neurodegeneration."
  • Vita DAO "tackling aging with the power of a global community."
  • Lab DAO "updating the standard for open and reproducible computational biology."
  • Athena DAO "funding women's health research."
  • Hair DAO "fixing hair loss for good."
  • Cryo DAO "advancing cryopreservation research."
  • Psy DAO "funding research at the intersection of psychedelics and mental health."
  • Valley DAO "funding and translational support for synthetic biology research."
  • Synapse DAO "Bringing scientific innovation from lab to life in‍ half the time."

  • Biotech + Techbio
  • Publishing

  • Communities & Chats

  • Data Storage and Protocols
  • Ecosystem

  • Financing



  • Articles, Reports, Texts, Videos, Talks (ordered by date)
    Newsletters & Publications

Tools, methods, norms, heuristics, practices, ideas, visions

This section covers experiments and attempts at developing new social processes for science. It needs more sorting and better categorization.
    Technology Roadmaps & Tech Trees
    Vision Papers
See Michael Nielsens article Working notes on the role of vision papers in basic science. May 28, 2022.
    Intellectual Property
  • IP NFTs by Molecule is "a hybrid legal-smart contract structure enables on-chain registration and management of IP and R&D data rights."
  • Enterprise foundations are characterized by long time horizons, philanthropic goals and the absence of personal profit motives.
    Funding Mechanisms